11 Hilariously Dumb Fights All Healthy Couples Have

Romance writers take note!

Thought Catalog

The O.C.The O.C.

1. The music in the car

During the honeymoon period of your relationship, both of you got equal play with the iPod cord. Then you realized you were dating a ‘skipper’ who switches songs 30 seconds in, a musical ADD that just won’t quit and makes you want to put duct tape over the stereo dials. After a while, the battle of who gets to the chord first becomes so real that you have to download podcasts or turn on the radio just to have something ‘neutral.’

2. The sides of the bed/ultimate sleeping position

We should all really dedicate an entire date in the initial stages of casual dating to cuddling. You think you love someone, and then you find out that they take the entire blanket and smother you with their bicep as you sleep. What do you do with two big spoons? “Okay, yeah that’s…

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