‘Doctor Who’ special: Check out Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt in new trailer

I hope other Doctors have cameos as well. Would love to see Christopher Ecclestone. the most under-appreciated Doctors of the new millennium he deserves a spot in Who-story if for no other reason than regenerating the entire series. Not to take anything away from David Tenant (whom I adore) or Matt Smith, but without the ninth Doctor we would never have been treated to the wonderful performances of the more popular Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. It was good to see Rose, too. Great Trailer! Can’t wait to see the full show!


Digital Comic: The Vampire Diaries: Vervain 1/3

Intriguing. Maybe it’s something about vampires that just don’t translate into comic book art. Or maybe it’s that comic books have largely been the purview of nerdy males who (as Kevin Smith points out) unwisely sneer at the fandoms that bring more females into the worlds of comic cons, video games and yes, comic books. But whatever the reason, comic books are not flattering to fandoms like True Blood or, it seems, The Vampire Diaries. Sad, really.

True Blood comics were incredibly lucky to have a writer in Michael McMillian who was a fan, a member of the show’s cast, had obviously read the Sookie Stackhouse novels and was a veteran of the comic book industry. It would be nice if he were the trend for show based comic book. Unfortunately, he’s probably the exception rather than the rule.

The muddying of canon waters does demonstrate that comic book publishers need to look beyond their usual stables of writers or maybe just ask different questions. There have to be TVD fans who write comic books. They should be the ones writing the series, given the scrutiny the details and mythology are likely to undergo at the hands of fans. Consider the hew and cry that would arise if the writer of the Doctor Who or Star Trek comics were unfamiliar with the entire history of those series. TVD comics deserves the same respect.

Digital Comic: The Vampire Diaries: Vervain 1/3.