‘Depressed’ Cake Shop Will Cheer You Up

What a great idea! Not only are the “visuals” fascinating but sweets are often one of the ways depressed people self-medicate. And adding color inside is an excellent reminder that even those suffering from depression are not always exactly what they seem. I grew up with charity bake sales, everyone from the high school band to the library held them but they’ve largely vanished from my social scene. So glad to see someone bringing the back in a meaningful way! Now: who can send me a care package from Los Angeles later this month?


A new charitable project makes battling depression seem like a piece of cake.

The Depressed Cake Shop is a series of pop-up bakeries that sell gray desserts created by volunteer bakers to raise awareness about depression, then donate the proceeds to lesser-known local charities devoted to mental health issues. The first one popped up in London from August 2-4 and served up tasty treats like Swiss rolls that say “nutjob,” macarons decorated with rain clouds, and even a “fruitcake” — British slang for a crazy person. While the treats are uniformly gray on the outside, bakers have added splashes of color on the inside to signify that there is hope for the approximately 350 million people worldwide who suffer from depression.

“There isn’t a visual representation of mental illness, so we make the desserts gray, an ugly color, because not taking care of your appearance is a symptom of depression,” says…

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