Your mission should you choose to accept it

Today I made new local connections on LinkedIN. That’s both something I’ve been meaning to do and talking (well, sort of) with people I’ve never talked to before.

The Princess Bard

And you will….well okay you don’t have to but…..

Here is the mission for today, do something you have been meaning to do, talk to someone you never have before or you would like to again, smile at a stranger, hell hug a stranger do something outside the box, outside the comfort zone, just get out there and do it.

That is all.

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Google Wants Your WordPress Blog

Google Wants Your WordPress Blog

This article seems a bit alarmist, capitalizing on the popularity of WordPress as a means of attracting readers without providing much substantial evidence for its claims (either that Google is aiming for WordPress or that the app will be capable of supporting a self-hosted WordPress blog in the cloud). Where the topic really gets interesting, at least from the Wordress user POV is in the comments. There is an excellent note about why most WordPress users needn’t panic just yet although the Google cloud situation is definitely one to keep an eye on going forward.